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A Simple And Affordable Classroom Collaboration Solution…The Screen Sharing Tool That Helps Boost Student Engagement & Participation

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There’s A Huge Problem Affecting Modern Classrooms…

To improve students’ involvement and to get them to pay more attention, you need to make them part of the process. To make them answer questions with a click of a button. To participate in a quiz. To let them share their work and screen with others. In other words, to make them an active participant in the class, not just a passive listener.

However, as we mentioned earlier, most solutions that are available out there are a nightmare for the IT department and the teachers.

The solution is the classroom collaboration tool needs to be designed by teachers, for teachers.
A solution that’s easy to use, affordable, and simple to implement and maintain.

That solution is Xest.

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About Xest

Xest was started in 2008 with a simple goal in mind: to help teachers and students collaborate better. With the emerging trend of online learning and Learning Management Systems (LMSs), we wanted to make the classroom cool again.

Yes, online learning has its benefits, but nothing can compare with the experience of sharing the room with 20 other people and learning together. That’s why we joined forces with teachers – from K12 to university – to reinvent the classroom.

The result of that is Xest – a classroom learning tool that allows students and teachers to interact with content and one another to facilitate discussion to drive a more in-depth learning experience.

Try Xest for FREE for 7 days, and see if it fits your needs.

Some Of Our Clients

How Xest Can Help Teachers Create A More Stimulative Environment For Learning

To make sure Xest is everything you need to make students more involved in the class, we packed it with a lot of features. Here are some of them.

Share Screen

You can easily share a video, or your presentation with your students, without a projector, thus making them more visible and easier to take notes

Bring To Me

Let’s say that you have a problem for your students to solve and you want to see their process, and they’re approaching the problem. With this feature, you can mirror student’s screen onto yours, and see how they’re doing


Your students can use their own laptops, even tablets and smartphones to participate in the class (and if they use their smartphone to participate in class, they can’t text or tweet)

File Share

So you can share files quickly and effortlessly with your classroom

Room Join

If you’re teaching a class on a distant campus, you can connect multiple rooms on one or many campuses in real time, and provide the same teaching experience without making the trip. You also have the perfect solution to handle student overflow issues when a single classroom is simply not large enough


You can test your students’ knowledge on the topic before you start teaching, after the class, ask them for their opinions, etc. Polls and quizzes are proven to increase engagement whenever they’re used

Student Notes

Students can take notes inside the platform, capture screens, record videos… all this to make the learning process easier

Storm Cloud

Think of it as you digital interactive whiteboard

And many, many more.

You can test Xest and get full access for FREE for 7 days,
and test it to see if it fits your needs.

Xest Is Easy-To-Use For Both Teachers & Students

Teachers are experts in their fields. Not technology experts.
That’s why some teachers actively avoid using projectors in their teachings. They spend more time trying to set it up than they do on actual teaching.

And some other solutions (or combination of solutions) out there are so complex, that even though the school paid a lot of money for it, teachers avoid using it.

With Xest, these problems are non-existent. Teachers can be trained to use Xest in LITERALLY 30 seconds.

It really can’t be any simpler than this.

Xest Is The IT Department’s Best Friend

IT managers are super-busy. The entire university network, along with computers and other tech, is in their hands. Add to that the implementation of complex classroom collaboration system (that teachers end up not using) and the training they do for teachers to teach them how to use it, and you can see why they’re not happy with the idea. Just like teachers, Xest watches the back of IT managers as well.

Xest is easy to implement. Easy to maintain. And easy to teach (it takes just 30 seconds). And it comes with a 24/7 tech and customer support, to help you solve any potential issue.

You’re Covered By Our Ironclad 30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

If, after your 7-day FREE trial period, you decide to give Xest a chance, we’ve got your back for a full 30 days.

If within that period you realize that Xest is not the perfect fit for you, all you need to do is to contact us, and we’ll give you 100% no questions asked full refund.

We are 100% sure that Xest will improve the communication and collaboration in your classroom. And that’s why we’re comfortable giving you this guarantee, just so you could know that we got your back.

Try Xest For FREE For A Full 7-Day Period ($129 Value!)

No contract. No obligation. No long-term commitment. Take Xest for a test drive. Test it in a real classroom. See if it fits your needs.

If it does, we’ll talk about details. If not, no hard feelings. You have no obligations to us whatsoever.

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